1. All games will be played in accordance with official (ASA) rules and regulations, unless said approval is made, and approved by the governing body and its representatives.

2.      Time limit of all games will be fifty (50) minutes.

a.) Run rule in effect..15 ahead after 3 innings..12 runs ahead after 4 innings..10 runs ahead after 5.


3.      Game time will be forfeit time with the exception of the first game for all teams will be granted a grace period of ten (10) minutes with the time taken off the game clock.

4.      All players will wear team uniforms of similar color and or design, and the  uniform jersey must display an identification number. No two (2) players on the same team will be allowed to wear identical numbers.

5.      One (1) courtesy runner per inning will be allowed with the exception of the CO-ED division which allows two (2) per inning; one (1) male for male and one (1) female for a female.

 a.)Mens division is allowed to play with a minimum of nine (9) players (no penalty out). Co-Ed will play with nine (9) players with one out taken for the missing sex player. (Male/Female). Male/Female pitcher-catcher combination.

6.      Any player ejected from a game for a rule violation will be allowed to play in the next game , provided said violation is corrected. Any player ejected from a game for a (Flagrant Violation) will be excluded from the tournament. Flagrant Violations not limited to ( fighting; verbal threats; cussing; taunting Officials and or players ) at the tournament directors discretion.

7.      Each team will be allowed three (3) home runs beyond the boundary fence with over the limit homeruns counted as an out.

8.      Any team using an ( illegal player) will be removed from the tournament. Players of the same team roster with the ( illegal player ) will not be allowed to participate in the Postal Tournament for three (3) years. Any coach or manager that uses an ( illegal player ) will be banned for life from the Postal Tournament. Coaches name will be entered into the Postal Tournament records.

9.      The official softball will be an (ASA) stamped designated core softball. If the host city is selling the softballs to be used during the tournament; all balls must be purchased from the host city. (NO EXCEPTIONS ). The purchase price shall not exceed seven (7) dollars beyond the year of (2015).

10.  Team roster will consist of eighteen (18) players excluding Managers and Coaches.

a.)All players must be eighteen (18) years of age or older. Minimum age of seventeen (17) must have a signed parent waiver and/or affidavit of injury claim of release.

11.  During the Tournament of 2013 the Men division will allow five (5) NON-COMPANY players per team. Non-company players must be notated on the roster .

a.)Five company or postal employees must be on the field at all times. Company and postal players will substitute for each other, none postal and company will sub for non company players.

b.)Non company players are limited to no more than five players listed on roster ONLY.

c.)All teams must list all players on their roster prior to the start of the first game.

12.  Roster changes must be made before the first game for all teams.

 a.) No roster additions may be made to a team after conclusion of the first game.

 b.)Rosters will only be re-opened for protest only. 

13.  An assessment fee of fifty ($50.00) dollars per player being protested will be charged to the protesting team. In the event that the protest is invalid, the assessed fee will be divided between the host city and the protested team. If upheld the fee will be returned. (CASH-ONLY ).

a.) Any player being protested must have in his possession a pictured state approved I.D.

ex. Not in his or her car, or, back at the hotel

14.  In keeping with the recent (A.S.A) changes with regard to the 2012 adaptation of the 52-core softball. It is being offered for the first time this year. The use of the 52-core softball by A.S.A has allowed the use of all Approved Bats by all bats listed with ASA, USSSA, NSA, and ISA accordingly with negative effects.

a.)Any team protesting an illegal bat will be assessed a fee of seventy-five ( $75.00 ) dollars plus the cost of shipping and all charges related to the testing of said bat. ( CASH-ONLY ).

b.)Any infielder hit by a batted ball that in the opinion of the umpire could not re-act too, the bat will be picked up and kept by the umpire for the remainder of the game.

c.)The use of Senior Bats are not allowed.

15.  The Postal State Softball Tournament entry fee shall not exceed Three hundred( $300.00 ) beyond the year of ( 2020 ).

a.)Any team entered beyond the 350 (three hundred and fifty) mile range of host city will receive a 50% discount. 

b.)Effective POSTX Tournament (2015) any team with past PARTICIPATION with the POSTX TOURNAMENT MUST ADHERE to the established entry fee deadlines.

-April 1, All teams must forward a deposit of $100.00 to the host city (non-refundable) as an intent to participate deposit fee.

-May 1, the balance of the entry fee of $200.00 must be forwarded to he host city .

-Any entry fee not postmarked seven (7) days prior to scheduled Tournament will be assessed a fifty dollar ($50) late fee.


16.  Tournament Awards shall be established at twenty-five ( 25% ) in all divisions, contingent on number of entrants in each division.


17.  Annually regional Representatives will meet one (1) hour prior to the managers in the host city to discuss proposed changes and policies. In the event of a Representative vacancy, that vacancy will be filled at the managers meeting


 a.) All players are required to personally check him or herself in prior to the conclusion of the teams first game.




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